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to support a sustainable future for islands worldwide

Our yearly Membership plan has been revised

Engage in the GTI Observatory’s core activities

We unite the island stakeholders’ voices at the regional and global level, issuing policy recommendations for decision-makers to advance islands’ sustainable transition.

We continuously explore innovative solutions and disseminate best practices for islands’ circular economy with a focus on technology, policy and finance, supporting our members’ strategies through reports and events.

We generate multiple opportunities for our members to meet up, learn from each other, strengthen cooperation through networking & coalitions for projects, and together contribute to the Observatory’s agenda.

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The GTI Observatory Membership​

Become a member now & get 3 months of membership for free

Fee: €1000 per year

start your 1-year membership today and renew in January 2025

Hurry, offer ends October 7th, 2023

How to pay your fee

The amount shall be paid by the Member to Greening the Islands Foundation by means of bank transfer to the current account of Greening the Islands Foundation – Ente del Terzo Settore at Unicredit Banca  IBAN: IT 70I0200804642000106718229

Please check if you have to pay +22% VAT before proceeding.

Purpose of the payment:

Organisation name_observatory membership

Remember to save a pdf copy of your bank transfer: you will need it in the form below.

Download the GTI Observatory regulation